NatsHoney documentary: The veteran stripper and pole artist fighting for worker rights

NatsHoney began dancing in clubs in the early 2000s and is now part of a network of strippers and sex workers across California demanding power and visibility

the art rebellion is expanding the scope of our storytelling with a video profile of NatsHoney, a veteran stripper, pole artist, entrepreneur, and organizer based in L.A.

NatsHoney began dancing in clubs in 2002, and has also worked in the medicinal cannabis industry for over a decade. She’s a board member of Strippers United, a leading labor organization in the strippers’ rights movement. NatsHoney is working to launch Artists Plex, envisioned as a co-working space for strip artists and allies to make art and build small businesses. She is part of an interconnected network of stripper and sex worker activists across California fighting to reform exploitative labor practices.

Watch the video, shot and edited by film artist Thane Montgomery. We're excited to incorporate a more visual outlet to showcase the beauty and power of pole dance and NatsHoney’s pride in her art and activism.

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