Patrisse Cullors is building an art movement focused on healing

Watch our full interview with the Black Lives Matter co-founder on YouTube.

Patrisse Cullors is building an art movement focused on healing
Portrait of Patrisse Cullors by Star Montana

An abolitionist and artist, Patrisse Cullors is best known for co-founding the Black Lives Matter Global Network. In recent years, Cullors has honed in on her art practice, which centers healing and resilience for Black people.

“I deeply believe in creating opportunities through art to give people more space to transform, to heal, to be connected to themselves and to their humanity and all living beings,” she says.

In 2020, she co-founded the Crenshaw Dairy Mart, an art gallery in Inglewood, Ca with ali reza dorriz and noé olivas. Crenshaw Dairy Mart is dedicated to shifting the arts economy to help artists thrive. In 2022, the organization launched a fellowship focused on the creative economy, providing healthcare to three artists based in Inglewood.

Cullors also created a multimedia installation at the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles exploring how Christian supremacy has demonized African spiritual traditions.

When asked about her decision to lean back into art making, Cullors emphasized that she’s always been an artist.

“Some of us who are and spent a lot of time inside movement and activism spaces are artists. Our art was neglected because there was something we felt was more urgent … I’ve always used my art. It’s always been at the center of my own personal practice but not necessarily so public facing.”

Watch the full interview below.

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